• I have recently switched from the Pro controller to the CAN_MCU, and the IMU keeps burning as I power on the unit. Now, I haven't used an external power switch and soldered the power switch pins together - that way the MCU blinks as soon as I plug the battery. Moreover, I only have a single axes so the CAN_IMU really just connects directly to the MCU CAN port, and the CAN-bus terminator on the IMU is unsoldered.

    My Question is:

    1. Did any of you face similar issues?
    2. Is it imperative to solder the CAN-bus terminator when it's connected directly to the MCU?
    3. Can it be a voltage surge due to the excess length of the wire?
    4. Has anyone tried connecting the CAN H and CAN L pins, but powering the IMU externally from a BEC?
    5. How do i minimize damage and proceed to operating the controller purposefully?