Emergency stop: FOC algorithm duration error
  • I get this error from time to time when I press remote button twice to go to home position. Controller is CAN_MCU. Anybody saw this error before?
  • It is a very strange problem. I can guess that the driver is fully loaded when receiving "go home" command. Does the same problem occur when you push gimbal by hand to provide a full load for the driver?
    Also, ensure you have the latest firmwares for CAN_DRV and CAN_MCU and GUI fresh version.
  • Hello, can you share your profile file?
  • @alexmos: latest firmware installed. I am using a wireless remote from a Came TV Argo gimbal. Not knowing how to program usage of button on the remote control I am using the MOLEX terminal button pin on the CAN_MCU board and it works ok with this error from time to time. No errors when I push the gimbal axe by hand. I am using two motors for the pitch axis, it is hard to push the gimbal to full load but still no error of this kind.

    @signx: I will share the profile file ASAP. Thanks!