No IMU calibration with Came-TV Prophet Gimbal and plenty of I2C errors
  • Hi, foLLowed these steps to restore and recaLibrate the gimbal


    restored the eprom settings , set Encoder settings to zero but failed to begin the IMU calibration, because not all of the the axis aren't answering. Sometimes I manage to caLibrate 2 or 3 axis,. then the procedure stocks and I cannot get back and forth. At first there were only plenty of I2C errors - in addition to this there is the failure message 'SENSOR IS NOT CONNECTED' and the recommenation 'Turn off power. check I2C sensor connection. NEVER CONNECT SENSOR WHEN BOARD IS POWERED)

    I have to admit,that the gimbal made some strange pirouettes, turned several times aLL axis for mare than one round. I thought that maybe a cable would have been stressed too much or some other connection failure. On the other hand I cannot imagine this, because the step motors are built to turn multiple times without having a stop point or another limitation. But I am a newbie to this sector, and I have to learn the opposite maybe. The joystick is working after the eprom reset, but after some rounds the gimbal behaves Like a mustang on a rodeo again. The 'compasses in the GUI are reacting well, so I would exclude that one motor is completely destroyed.

    I would be glad if you have same hints far me.Thanks in advance!

    Maybe there is somebody with the same device who can send me his profiles etc.
    My firmware is 2.631.1