realtime data 'current'
  • I am successfully reading CMD_REALTIME_DATA_4 information such as imu_temp_celcius and frame_imu_temp_celcius, however the current command always returns zero whether the gimbal is powered or not.

    I have tried both 2.63b0 and 2.69b4 with the same results. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  • Hello!
    Maybe you calculated offset for this data not correctly? Check the neighbor bytes.
    IMU temperature is always measured and always sent in this command.
  • Hello, Alex. Thank you for the quick reply.

    Firstly, both of the IMU temperature commands are working perfectly. I used them as examples that my realtime data code is working with many commands, but not the 'current' command (as in milliAmps). I need to know how much current the gimbal is consuming.

    I am using the libraries which were provided with the serial API examples. I understand programming basics, but I am afraid decoding the serial buffer is beyond my level of understanding. I have been calling the SBGC_cmd_realtime_data_t struct within the SBGC_cmd_helpers.h file. Where would I look to check the neighbor bytes?