Emergency Stop: Battery voltage is higher than expected at startup sequence
  • Hi, I'm having trouble powering the CAN_MCU board. Voltage reading in GUI Service TAB says around 7 volts, I measured battery voltage at 16 volts. If I connect the battery to CAN_MCU, as soon as I turn latching switch on I get the "voltage higher than expected" error.
    If I don't connect the battery I get "undervoltage error".
    What am I doing wrong? Why is the voltage reading so far off? Can I prevent the controller to perform this voltage check at startup?
  • Hello!

    Try to re-calibrate the voltage sensor in the "Service" tab. If this not help, please reach our helpdesk with this problem.
  • In the "Service" tab, you have to specify the working voltage level: http://ybex.com/d/s2gvjvnj9fmzxwz7lpl3o7u2l7qv4jnfg2rl0e8e.html
    (even if you not need a compensation, CAN_MCU uses this information)
  • UPD: if there are problems with the power switch, connect battery to output rather then input, and make voltage sensor calibration this way.