Help! Issue when roll is +/- 90 degrees on power-on
  • Hi all,

    This is my first post in the forum, excited to become part of this awesome community. We are working on a robotics project, and have a setup with just one motor (roll axis). Were are controlling the gimbal via UART and the serial API with angle control commands. It works great when the gimbal starts facing down (0 degrees). We have an end-stop that limits the rotation in either direction to +/- 90 degrees. When we power the BGC on when the gimbal is at +/- 85 or more degrees, it gets "stuck" in that position, and tries to move "up", rather than face down. Even when we send a command of 0 degrees for the roll, it still won't move in the right direction.

    We have been banging our heads to solve this issue for a while now, does anyone have any idea of what could be going on? We turned off the upside-down auto feature, which did not work. We've also turned on/off adaptive PID and this still hasn't helped. Any help would be much appreciated - thank you!
  • Forgot to mention, we've tried all available firmware versions as well
  • Could you attach a video? It's unclear to me, how camera moves up or down if it has only single ROLL axis? Also what you called 0 degrees, seems does not match the convenient 0 degrees meaning leveled position.
    Also show on video how it SHOULD perform, may be I can give you hints how to configure the system.