CAN_MCU connection to Mac OSX
  • Hello,
    I'm having some trouble connecting the board to my Mac, running OSX10.12 Sierra.
    I can see the ports in GUI but will not connect. I flashed recovery firmware, board is connectig fine. Check firmware upgrade, finds the latest CAN_MCU encoder version, I install firmware succesfully.
    LED on board rapid flash.
    Disconnect the board from computer, restart GUI (correct version), reconnect board, does not want to connect.
    If I unplug the board while trying to connect, GUI says "serial data corrupted, reconnect the board".

    Is it possible that the board is bad? I will try the board on a pc tomorrow but I suspect, based on other discussions here, that it won't make a difference. What else shall i try? Is it necessary to also power the board when connected to USB?
  • So, I tried today on a Windows 10 Pc and it works fine. Connects and everything. Any idea if OSX Sierra is not supported?
  • Solution:
    After firmware upgrade I pushed the menu button 12 times and it connected immediately without having to disconnect the board from Mac.