2 Axis gimbal (roll/pitch) - is there a physics/software limitation for the roll axis?
  • Hello,
    I am planning to build a 2 axis gimbal, similar to this one:


    Imagine I hold the gimbal from the roll motor mount arm (arm in vertical position, gimbal below) and then I rotate that arm 180 degrees. So now the arm is also vertical but the gimbal is above). Kinda like underslung and overhead positions of a 3 axis gimbal. Assuming that the roll axis motor is equiped with a slipring:
    Can I expect the camera to maintain horizon for the hole rotation? Is there any limit to this rotation?

    What I am trying to achieve is what Ronin 2 can do in pan axis lock mode when the gimbal is using only roll/tilt axes and it is mounted on top of a steadicam sled. Like in this:


    Sorry, I think you need to copy and paste link to your browser. As you can see, even Ronin 2 has a roll axis limitation even if it's more than enough for the purpose of horizon stabilization.
    But the main question is if the basecam controller allows this kind of endless rolling motion while keeping the camera horizon steady. Common sense tells me that there shouldn't be a limitation and you should be able to continue rotating the sled endlessly (if there is a slipring installed in the roll motor for power and signals). Maybe some programming tips? Encoder motors needed?

    Thank you so much for your time,