issue: Gimbal rolls a bit while tilting using RC command
  • I would appreciate any help in figuring what's wrong with my setup..
    I'm having a weird problem using the SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny board.
    it was installed on a two-axis gimbal (Roll and Pitch) and this setup fixed on a quadcopter drone.
    the board itself fixed next to the camera - without external IMU (no sec IMU nor Frame IMU signal).
    - roll axis physical angle limit 60°\-60°
    - pitch axis physical angle limit -30°\90°.
    the main issue is when I tilt the camera down (pitch) using RC command, somewhere around 60° the gimbals
    rolls to the side 15°~20° and therefore the camera is not horizontally straight.
    another issue is that somehow while pulling quad's throttle - the gimbal's axis flipped, causing hiccups and gimbal freeze.

    Thank you :)