MODE_SPEED doesn't work for yaw,MODE_ANGLE doesn't work for roll
  • Hello everyone.

    I am trying to use serial port to control the gimbal's altitude.But I meet some problem and I hope I can ask help from your expertise and experience.

    The "SimpleBGC32 2.6x serial protocol" says that we can use CMD_CONTROL to control gimbal's altitude.But when I use MODE_SPEED to control the rotation speed of gimbal, it works well for roll and pitch,but it has no effect on the yaw. When I use MODE_ANGEL, it does not work for roll.

    Can you give me suggestions how to solve this problem.Look forward to your help and recommendation.

    Merry Christmas!
  • Hello,

    This mode should works equally for all axes. May be you made a mistake in command formatting? Send us hex-dump of a sample command that does not work.

    Regards, Aleksey