Hi, I am having a rare problem that I can identify.
  • Hi, I am having a rare problem that I can identify.
    I've had basecam systems for a long time, especially using Cablecam systems.
    The problem is that I configure everything perfect from the 2.63 B1 system, and it works for a long time in perfect condition. Then, for no apparent reason, the entire system goes wild.

    This problem has become more present lately, and the only solution to this is to turn it off and on again.

    Check cables, battery, everything ... and without any problem.

    But, when I move the cablecam engine, sometimes that is usually the problem. The cablecam engine is completely independent of the Gimbal system. In other words, it has a battery and independent transmitter. without any coxencion with the cabelcam system.

    But, it doesn't always happen, when I move the cablecam's engine, it starts to go crazy.

    Is it possible that when the 12v motor fields are activated, the basecam system interferes in some way? But as it does not always, but very little, is that or something else?

    Anyone had this problem?

    Thank you.
  • The best way for community to understand your issues is to take a look at your system and at the GUI screen in the same time. Could you take a couple pictures of your setup?
    As for interference, if i2c errors occurs so you can see it in the GUI.