Mezzanine connector, Basecam Pro
  • To mount the pro logic board to the power board in our gimbal we need to offset them about 15mm left and 45mm down. Could we have details of the mezzanine connector and a pinout please.
  • Hello.
    If I get you right you imply the board-to-board connector:
    There are AXK5S30347YG and AXK6S30547YG used there, but this information makes no sense without having the whole BGC_PRO schematic diagram.
    I see two options in your situation:
    1. You make pin-to-pin intermediate extension cord using the same connectors (not recommended)
    2. You request the BGC_PRO schematic diagram officially by email info@basecamelectronics.com or fill the form: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/support/
  • Indeed yes the board - board connector, we call them mezzanine connectors!

    Option 1 is preferred, we will design a pcb with matching connectors to push the offset we require. A pinout would enable me to allocate track width and spacing according to the type of signal being handled.
  • I'm not authorized to provide information about particular functions of these lines, but here are highlighted contacts in the connector that transfer digital signals up to 40kHz:

    Here you can see power lines (up to 1 Amp):

    P.S. It is TOP VIEW of PSU Board
  • That's cool, thankyou.
    Will let you know how we get on.