Power consumption
  • Hello!

    I am building a Basecam 3.1 2.63b0 - based handheld gimbal, it has BGM 5208-75 pitch and yaw motors and 5208-200 roll. The gimbal is balanced well and works quite well, the motor power is set to 170 pitch and roll and 255 yaw
    The camera is about 1kg

    I powered it with 3x 18650 3000mAh cells

    Is it normal that in consumed 800mAh of each cell per 45 minutes and sounded a low voltage alarm? Is there any way to minimize power consumption? Should encoders help?

    Even beholder DS1, which runs the same board and cells, lasts about 1 hour longer, what is my problem?(
  • Hello,
    Yes, encoders can decrease power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive motors.
    Also, take a look on this fillable bars (vertical red bars): http://ybex.com/d/2mcoj0osia13s9r86gdlh9ze61j5t4p5591q16gs.html
    These bars shows how controller to use adjusted power level (Power parameter of each Motor).
    Axis with bad balance consumpt more power compared with well balanced axises.
  • The encoders should make a huge difference.