BGC PRO PSU supply at 29.6V (8S) ?
  • Is it safe to power the Pro power supply with 29.6V (8S)? Yes I see the max input is listed at 26V and I can do math :-). I'm hoping that maybe the unit has a bit of capacity over the listed limit.

    Given that 26V is so close to 8S it seems odd that the board was designed with this limit rather than just a bit more to meet a common configuration. If one has 8S power onbaord one could just tap right in, instead of installing even more power circuitry to step down to 26V or lower.
  • Hello,
    Pro board can recieve no more than 26V http://ybex.com/d/ndjaz1zw39jifw8mi47tfwrlgem4657fepcmyfi2.html
    Fully charged 8S Li-ion or Li-pol battery has 33.6V (4.2*8)
    Pro board power board rated for 6S battery (25.2V), reserve up to 26V is indicated as guaranteed.
    The controller isn't designed for a higher supply voltage.
    When you calculating, you don't take into account voltage peaks that may occur when the controller is turned on and off.
  • Thanks for the response.