Yaw motor very slowly rotating to the left ( old issue but very much still present)
  • I have redone the calibration for this handheld 3 axis gimbal several times but i cant seem to get the persistent rotation to stop. it is not a quick rotation but as soon as the gimbal is given power the yaw motor slowly begins to drift, turning to the left. it takes a few minutes before making a turn about 60 degrees. is there any issue that may be causing this besides calibration? gimbal is completely stationary when calibrating. i also use a 6 side leveling cube when calibration for accuracy the gimbal. i have also tried ferrite rings both on and off. these are just some options for fixes i have tried. is the minor drift suppose to be there?
  • Hello,
    The IMU data can slowly drifting in case of temperature change.
    But in your case, it's unnormal drifting.
    Try to use "Skip calibration and use saved data" here: http://ybex.com/d/4yilf7mm1sq4x23228wid9q6fchojic1yw89zqzz.html
    And re-calibrate Gyro as best as possible. Repeat the test.