Where do I buy the TinyPro?
  • Hi all,

    I have read everywhere about the TinyPro and I would like to buy one for an upcoming project (would like the higher max current while still keeping it compact) but why is it not available to buy from the Basecam store? I can only see the Tiny revB and the BGCPro.

    Am I missing something?
  • I found this but it seems a little dodgy...


    How is this tiny pro only $116 with encoder firmware when the standard tiny with encoder firmware is $150 on the site?

    Can anyone recommend a reputable seller?
  • Hello,

    Tiny Pro was designed by one Chinese company in 2015. Now it is not produced and outdated.
  • Thanks,

    I was recommended the Tiny Pro by someone else on this forum.

    When you say it's outdated, was it replaced by something? Is there a similar sized controller with the same performance?

    Would the standard Tiny revB be able to power 3 x PM4310 motors (max camera weight 1.8kg)?
  • AOPEN3434, who is your distributor? We don't have partners who produce Tiny Pro.
  • martorondo, this weight is too big for Tiny revB board.
    Only Regular or Extended board are comaptible this case.
    Also, the Extended long version is suitable for use with encoders: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32ext_long/
    But this controller will be available in our store later.
  • yes for tiny revB is for gopro gimbals not large motors is too much!! but not for the Tiny Pro HV boards. not the same board at all but they look alike!
  • Yes, Tiny Pro board uses DRV8313 motor drivers, this is the same drivers which uses Regular or Extended boards.
  • Thanks for your help everyone. Tiny Pro it is!