Encoder gear ratio.
  • I have a ball turret (Camera->Pitch->Yaw) configuration. on my yaw axis I have a pwm encoder (it is a ipower GBM4108H-120T with an AS5048A PWM encoder.

    I have it producing a signal which is steady, clean and looks great on the monitor. However, to get the encoder to go from max to min (passes through 0) i have to turn my yaw axis 4 times, 4 complete rotations makes the signal go full high to full low. To get that transition the other way takes 4 complete turns in the opposite direction ( I hope that is clear) :-)

    I suspect that it is something to do with gear ratio (my thought was that I would set the gear ratio value to 0.25 but it didnt make any difference can anyone please advise on the right way to use gear ratio?

    Thanks in advance.
  • If there is no gears, the gear ration is 1. If there is gears, that defines your gear ration. Sounds like you are over analysing.
  • Thanks for the response, can you suggest why it takes 4 revolutions for the Encoder to travel end to end when it's a simple through the hole slip ring magnetic encoder?
  • Without looking into deeper to it, I assume it is just internal calculation, and nothing to worry or be concerned. The encoders are max 14 bit and there is 16 bits available for the number, i.e 4x...

    Just see the users manual when you are setting the gear ration and follow the instructions.
  • I think I found the issue. It was number of poles on my yaw motor. I had 24 but in fact it was 22. I changed this and reconfigured and it was all good. Thanks for your time on this.

  • Good, yes, the pole number must be entered correct as according the actual motor, the Auto function does not usually get it right.