re-fitting a Ronin Gimbal
  • All - I have what seems like a reasonably suitable Ronin (1) gimbal - its the 16 lb capacity larger gimbal that came out first.

    I am OK with the mechanical design of the gimbal but would really like to move to more advanced electronics - especially in terms of wired control with the gimbal mounted on a long, light weight jib arm.

    I am looking for anyone who has tried "updating" a DJI Ronin with new Basecam electronics?

    I would like to re-use the existing motors and ideally, the encoders too but I understand that they may not be compatible.

    If I can't upgrade the electronics, I would probably design and build a new gimbal from scratch but the Ronin probably isn't worth much on the used market - less than the parts to build a new system from scratch.


    Already done this?


  • If you could measure the motor resistance and find encoder type that would help long way.

    If resistance is more than 10 ohms per phase ypu could use BaseCam extended board, if it is much less you will need Pro of CAN boards that have better current handling.

    If encoder is on supported list, you could reuse them, if not, need to replace them.
  • The ronin 1, has electronic integrated to the motors, would have to destroy part of the ronin for it. Even so, I wouldn't get good results if I started from scratch with another gimbal. There are brands from China that sell something similar if you want to think that the DJI ronin frame is the best.
  • Hey DJI ronin the best )