SimpleBGC and USB to TTL converter
  • Hi. I want to send serial commands to the controller over USB to TTL converter. I just connect USB to TTL converter to the TX, RX and GND of the controller. However, while I can send command to the controller, I cannot get any response? Please, can you say to me that is that possible to communicate with the controller over USB to TTL converter? I use terminal to send hex commands and read responses. Thank you very much :)
  • Hello,
    Which board version you have? All our boards except "Tiny" have USB-to-TTL onboard, so you can start testing using this converter, just by plugging USB. Also, good way to test it, is to send commands in a manual mode from the GUI, "Debug" tab: connect to the COM-port using the "Connect" button on this tab and send command entering ID and data in hex. GUI will add header and checksums and you will see the decoded answer.