BAUD Rate and GUI, 2.68b7
  • Hello,

    Just a quick note. I have a Basecam Handy gimbal. It's running the 2.68b7 firmware. I've been controlling it through serial. I can set the BAUD rate to 256000 through the GUI but then once I write settings I can no longer connect to it through the GUI. I can still connect to it through serial using python at the new BAUD rate. If I want to use the GUI, I have to press the menu button 12 times to reset the BAUD rate to 115200. Seems like the GUI can't handle the 256000 BAUD rate. No idea why.
  • Helo,
    GUI use auto-detection of baud rates, so it needs some time to switch to new rate. Then it remembers last used rate and next time connects quickly. You can disable auto-detection and set an expected rate in the GUI, File - Settings.