• Hi,

    It mentions in the CAN module configuration ref manual that a servo-mode will be implemented in a future version of the firmware.
    This could be used for "pre-programmed camera rotations and simultaneous movement in 3D space built completely with the brushless motors."
    Is this feature likely to be released in the near future or is it already implemented?
    Is it possible to use the CAN protocol to configure this mode currently?

  • Hello!

    This mode is implemented in the CAN_DRV, but currently, it is not implemented in the firmware of the main gimbal controller, i,e, you can not control driver in servo mode directly. The only single application that is implemented at this moment, is 4th axis to adjust frame orientation.

    There is no public documentation for CAN protocol describing configuring and using it. We designed this protocol only for internal use, connected to the SBGC32 controllers, configurable and controlled over it.

    Regards, Aleksey.