How to receive Mavlink IMU attitude
  • I'm controlling the Basecam by sending Mavlink DO_MOUNT_CONTROL messages from an external processor. I don't see any Mavlink message coming back though except for HEARTBEAT, when that box is checked in the GUI. What other Mavlink messages should I be able to get from the Basecam, and how can I get them? Would really like to get actual IMU angles.
  • Hello.

    In the User Manual https://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf, there is a section which describes messages that SBGC32 controler can send to FC over the Mavlink: "For developers: a list of supported commands"

    The telemetry data is not send by default. Host controller should send a request: REQUEST_DATA_STREAM or MESSAGE_INTERVAL according to MavLink specification. ArduPilot sends REQUEST_DATA_STREAM as I remember from my tests, and displays gimbal's attitude in the ground control station.

    Also host can query a list of runtime parameters and change their values (they are called "Adjustable variables" in the user manual).