help, analog encoder problem and full encoder firmware purchase
  • Hi

    I have 3 axis gimbal and using the "Simple BGC Ver3.0" controller board. I want to purchase the "full encoder firmware version" form "basecam electronics", Before purchasing the Firmware, I have downloaded the "encoder trial version" and tried.

    To get ride of "yaw drift" and to control the Precise angle control , i have used the simple 3 pin potentiometer based encoder and it can rotate only span of 270 degree. The supply to the potentiometers is 3.3V with respect to ground. The Analog out that is middle pin is shielded and connected to "A3" pin on the Simple BGC Board. ( It gives 0V at 0 degree and 3.3v at 270 Degree.)

    I did the "EL Field Calib" and "Offset Calib" , I have got the below reading for yaw axis.

    Motor/Encoder gear Ratio : 0.798
    EL Field offset : -945

    Now I have opened the RC setting tab, set MIN ANGLE : -135
    and MAX ANGLE: 135 ,Operation Mode : "Angle" along with other required setting.

    Now observing Gauge on GUI i.e. center position 0 degree position, turned the RC remote knob to one side, the motor rotates to smoothly up to say 110 degrees and got stuck, but still i have the plenty of span on RC remote knob to reach up to 135 degrees.

    Next, i bring the knob and motor to 0 degree position, rotated the knob to other side, motor rotated smoothly till 35 degrees and stuck. Some times it will also give the abrupt motion.

    I want to ask you the ,
    1. Is there any limitation in trial version for angle movement, calibration speed,power etc.
    In other way, analog mode control is possible in Trial version.

    2. If Yes, what are its limitation.

    3. In simple " Simple GBC_32bit_Encoder.pdf" manual, it is written that " 16384 per full turn", is it mean that, when my pot will rotate 359 degrees from 0 degrees and at 359 degrees, it should give the 3.3v and encoder value as 16384.

    4. Finally , if i buy the full encoder firmware version , whether i will get my all above stated problem solved and get control on all three axis of gimble by remote to full 270 span with+/- 135 degree.

    Waiting for your reply.