less data of analog encoders
  • Hello,

    I have working on basecam 32 bit simplebgc board. I have interfaced anlog encoders on all three motors of my gimbal. For basic testing i am using trail encoder firmware (Version 2.60 b0) and i have implemented magnetic encoders which have range of 0 to 3.3V in the span of 0 to 360 degree.

    The problem is, at 3.3V, as per stated in manual my monitor tab of GUI should give me reading equal to 16384. But somehow i am not getting those readings, instead of it i get readings = 14804 at full 360 degree span.

    I also had directly connected 3.3V to analog pin of board (A3) but reading was 14804 instead of 16384.

    EL. Feild offset are differ from 1. its near to 1.6 for almost all three encoders.