2 motors on one AXIS
  • Hi, guys!
    I need to use 2 separates motors on one axis, so can i buy 2 CAN_driver for this and use them all for PAN for example? It's very important to have separate independent high powerful input voltage
  • And can i use only one encoder? Or i need to mount 2?
  • Can't you just use same driver for both motors and just connect them in a reverse order (what motors you use)? also I would use encoder on both to ensure they sync correctly. Maybe someone else have better answer, I'm pretty new to this area myself.
  • I wanna test really big motors, so 1 driver is not enough
  • 1 CAN_driver can handle 24V and 15 A continuous with heatsink. That is pretty much. If you have a big motor (motor weight over 2 kg) and resistance around 1.6 ohm, that is a lot of torque. Have you already tested such setup?

  • I need to make super powerful setup for super high speed with turns, so wind and heavy cam setup and etc. And MAY BE 1 motor will be enough, but may be i'll need more torque, so i just want to know is it possible or not just in case
  • My guess would be that currently not supported, but if you have budget for such system I am sure there is also solution, and I can help on that. www.levitezer.com
  • lot of miss information here 2 motors will work in parallel no issues one controller (if you know what your doing ) you only need one encoder per axis ! You need proper hiy voltage controller this is from experience!
  • you mean 2 motors on 2 drivers, or 2 motors on one driver? because I'm also try to find a way to get 2 motors turning the same axis
  • 2 motors on one driver! tune them independent of each other when working then connect in parallel! if you need further help please pm me
  • there is no advantage of 2 motors on 2 drivers! & it cost more money to do that.
  • @AOPEN3434

    When you mean connect in parallel, you need to swap the politary so they are not spinning in same direction else they should counteract each other. I'm intrested in this topic as well.
  • to me it should be no problem to swap wires to get one motor turn cw and the other ccw. but I'm using 2 GBM110-150T and a BGC pro. I hope I don't blow up the build in drivers.
  • I've got CAN_drivers, but don't get them to work via the can system. these can handle 10 amps instead 8amps
  • It is simple really. you can connect 2, 3, 4, 5... as many as you like motors paralel and they act as on motor. You only need to make sure they are turning same direction and poles are synched.

    But it is complicated, expesially to get the poles well synched. Often no reason to use more than 1 motor, anyway not more than 2 on one axis.

    To use separate CAN_drives to drive more than one motor per axis. I have not tested. Though it in theory would work, if supported by BaseCam, I have no information that it would be supported.
  • Hi Garug, Any tip about how to sync the poles? I would love to hear more about it because I will face the same issue in short.
  • Made a test with 2 engines, immediately noticed that the poles for one engine were a bit off because the shaft plate was not in the same position as the other. I adjusted the motor rotation on the frame so it fitted the other side shaft plate. The result became stable and no problem at all during movement.

    Made a video of the test platform:

  • Yes, it is just about adjusting the motor rotation related to each other so that the magnets pass the stator at the same time. This is difficult to see but easy to feel when motors are powered on. The construction must either be very accurate, including the motors or allow the adjustment.