BaseCamBGC Pro - Wiring diagram?
  • http://oi64.tinypic.com/rwi8th.jpg

    Can someone point me in direction of connecting the brushless motors (red, black, white) cables.

    I can't find any information what is the (signal, + -) inputs. It just says yaw, pitch, roll as in the picture.

    If anyone have any connection diagram for BaseCamBGC Pro board, let me know.

    Best regards
  • you see where it says yaw pich roll that is the spot!
  • Yes I know that, but in what order does it connect to the brushless motor?
  • http://oi64.tinypic.com/2gwaz4x.jpg

    Red, Black, White? Or in what order, because it does not say or does it not matter? Also does it exist any wiring diagram for the power board pro version?
  • there is lots of documentation on how a motor works the basics !
  • Hello,
    Dear customer, bit
    Brushless motors has three wires (connected to three phases inside) and connection method does not matter.
    Likely, on your photo motors with built-in I2c_drv module.
    Could you place link to the same motor here?