Sudden movements to stabilize pitch
  • Hi guys,

    Please check out the following video


    Camera is properly balance in pitch. With motors off, it stays in whatever pitch angle I decided. However when I turn motors and simulate pitch movements on the dron, as you can seen, the gimbal try to correct the perturbation with sudden movements.

    In order to crrect this behaious, I was playing mainly with P, D a motor power for pitch (now set in 4, 2 and 210 respectively). What else would you recommend me to do? Notice that this is not happening in roll.

    What other parameter should I change to try to fix this behaviour? That does not sound to me as low or high frequency oscillation. So... what parameter may be affecting this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • It might be something to do with the encoders? Try disabling the encoders in the software. And maybe it fix it. I remember seeing mine do something similar to that because of the encoders.
  • Hi Jonasm,

    Thanks for your answer. The truth is that we are not using any kind of encoder... Knowing this... what else could be?
  • Hello,

    Your motors has 14 poles: http://ybex.com/d/l3dkmg0jlbykuznx694khktm8sbeasylz77j9stm.html

    Correct the value and repeat tests.

    Tell us about result.

    Thank you.