Manual Control of Gimbal
  • Hi,
    I am using 8 bit simple BGC 2 axis gimbal controller. I want to rotate the Pitch of gimbal based on external PWM input given to RXPitch pin of it. I have seen couple of videos about how to interface RC to gimbal controller. I provided a constant PWM signal of 50Hz, 1.5msec pulse width signal on RX_Pitch pin but i dont see pitch motor moving at all. I also tried changing the pulse width to 1.7msec and motor dint rotate at all.
    Could anyone tell if i am missing any step? Or how can i change pitch angle from external PWM input?
    Software configuration:
    In RC setting PWM is selected with ROll and PITCH, Minimum and maximum angle is set to -45 to 45 deg repectively and angle mode of operation is selected.
    The PWM signal is generated from external controller and its 3.3v pulse.
    Motor supply was connected.

    Thanks in advance.
  • what port did you plug the RC receiver in to ? you need to know what port, then configure the port in RC tab, then verify the port is working in display tab!
  • @AOPEN3434 Its not RC receiver but a arduino kind of microcontroller which generates PWM signal of 50Hz. I could see pulse width 1516(corresponds to 1.5ms of pulse width) being displayed on display port but motor does not move. Which port should i select in this case and how to find it out? Thank you.
  • you need to set up the port your using if you do not know what port your using that is the issue
  • @AOPEN3434 Thank you. Roll axes seems to be working but pitch doesnot. I observed that if i hold my gimbal straight in air, the pitch angle shows 180 degrees. Is it correct?
  • yes, it is correct.
  • @Creative I am doing the same thing can you share the code of your PWM generation using microcontroller.