• Hello all,

    We are using the Serial API with ease to control and monitor our BaseCam gimbal with encoders.
    At this time we need to know the exact encoder position. It should be sent in the CMD_REALTIME_DATA_CUSTOM but it is not.
    Our firmware version is 2.68b6.

    We configure FLAGS in the CMD_REALTIME_DATA_CUSTOM request as 0x0F 0x08 and the payload size of the RESPONSE packet is 26 instead of 35. We have already tried with FFFF to request everything and same result (missing ENCODER RAW data).

    We are puzzled as the Basecam GUI is actually showing ENCODER RAW values listed as ENC_RAW_R, P and Y.
    Those are said to be angle in 14 bit instead of 24 bit declared in the CMD_REALTIME_DATA_CUSTOM message so we wonder if the are the same.
    Performing some wireshark captures we see that BaseCAM GUI only ask for CMD_REALTIME_DATA_4 and CMD_DEBUG_VARS_3.

    Can someone please tell us how to get the ENCODER Readings? Is it by using CMD_DEBUG_VARS_3? Why does CMD_REALTIME_DATA_CUSTOM not include them?

    Many thanks