Motor and encoder choice
  • Good afternoon,

    I have a Pro board and I'm building a precision gimbal for a payload in the range of 6/8kg. I'm gonna use Maxon EC90 brushless motors with 11 pole pairs (https://www.maxonmotor.it/medias/sys_master/root/8831194464286/2018EN-271.pdf) and Zettlex inductive encoders (14 bit resolution - SPI1 communication option). I'm building all the mechanics by myself. Should I have any problem with these commercial components in their integration with my Pro board? Do you suggest anything better? For the encoder usage I will buy the 60$ license for the dedicated firmware version. The scope is reaching the maximum accuracy for a professional use.
    Since I'm gonna spend quite a lot of money, I would like to know if anyone have experienced any trouble with these components.

    Thank you in advance for the help
  • that not a BGC motor will not work for your application
  • Can you be more specific please?
  • motor is not designed for this application such motors are designated BGC because they are specially wound for Brush less gimbals only! you need to select proper hardware!
  • What does it mean “specially wound”? At which motor parameter do you refer? Resistance? I thought “BGC” was just a name on RC/DIY groups and Chinese suppliers in this sector, but, at the end, what is technically the specific difference?
  • looks like you need to do more research! motors differ because how they are wound & amount of wingdings brushless motor are different from BGC motor not the same!!! BGC is technical name for Gimbal motor ! I do not know of a suppler or factor outside china that makes BGC wound motors !