• Hi there,
    I have a couple of questions using the SimpleBGC32 GUI v2:63 b0 with Board ver3.6:
    Using 2 x AS5048A PWM Encoders and a HMC5983 Magnetometer.

    1. Under RC settings > Operation Mode Settings > YAW Min/Max Angle:
    Entering limits into these parameters does not seem to work! is this a S/W bug?
    Values entered into the PITCH axis for this setting works correctly.

    2. Yaw Drift - using a Magnetometer (Hardware > Mag Settings, trust: 50) When calibrated I still get Yaw Drift.
    I can see the Encoder (ENC_RAW_Y) slowly rising and a motor value of around -1800 (MOT_OUT_Y), not sure what the units are
    but the PITCH value is about half this for comparison.

    Does anyone have a few pointers? I have tried most things now in this S/W version but nothing really improves the drift...

    Many thanks