pitch/roll correction delayed
  • hello everyone, im trying to tune my own homemade gimba, but i spent a lot of time to find a soution for my problem....i poster a little video to explain my trouble. and i spent a lot of time on google, and on this board but nothing helped me!

    On the roll and pitch axis, if i move slow the gimbal, the correction looks rock solid, but if i tilt the handle faster, the corrections occour with a huge delay,

    i tryed everything, high pid, low pid, i cutted off all filters, i recalibrated the gyro, and i restore the factory default parameter but nothing. this problem occours with last stable fw and with last beta too. What more can i try?

    for info, 32bit board placed in the handle, with the second imu near the board, roll/yaw motors are 5208 and pitch is 4108, camera is about 900gr

    what more?

  • another video