Gimbal randomly shutting off
  • Hello,
    I am new to this forum, so excuse me if I mess anything up.
    Our Gimbal is a two-axis (Roll and Pitch) designed with SimpleBGC 32 controller and CAN IMU. With Dualsky XM5010GBD motors, installed on a drone.
    The power is supplied from a regulated 12v to a controller and the motors.

    We are experiencing some strange issues with our setup - the motors randomly shut down, sometimes during power-up, sometimes during flight with no apparent reason. The voltage (at the controller) is stable at 12v, there are no I2C errors..
    Most of the time the Gimbal functions properly without any issues.

    Could you please suggest what could cause the controller to stop the motors? (We have disabled the emergency shutdown at voltage drop)

    Thanks in advance,