Video on copter is shaking.
  • My camera is shaking while my copter is flying and makes terrible waves on the screen.
    I put a video taken from a copter to demonstrate it here:

    My gimbal is perfectly balanced and tuned, it stabilizes very well I use dampers to soften , but that vibrations are haunting me. No filters could ever cmooth them down. The only cure is Adaptive PID gains, but they are quite expensive in terms of stabilization reaction.

    I am already using dampers and they are quite soft so it does not seem to be a mechanical problem.
    Is there any way to dampen those vibrations programmatically? Or the problem is that my dampers aren't soft enough.
  • Just an addition to the topic here is a photo of my gimbal: https://ibb.co/iVEcXT
    I have marked essential joints there. The whole gimbal is attached to a wodden slub (1).
    The slub (1) is attached to a plastic plate (2), which has a set of dampers (3) glued along its perimeter.
    Those dampers (3) are glued to a carrying plastic plate (4) which has a hole for the wooden slub (1) and it is attached to the grip (5) which is attached to a copter frame. So the thing here that does most damping is marked (3) - a set of dampers. Those dampers that are under the carrier plate (4) are glued to that plate (4) to restrict gimbal movement from the other side. The are not glued to the gimbal.
    If you try and squeeze those dampers they maybe abit hard but quite flexible at the same time so I guess they whould work, but maybe I am wrong and I should use something softer.

    Thi gimbal weighs about 600-700 gramms