Encoder angle limits do not work
  • I have:
    Three motors with calibrated encoders.
    Firmware ver.: 2.63 b0, board ver.:3,6

    After I calibrated everything and camera started to stabilize I have set limits to roll and pitch.
    I was expecting camera to stop movement after it reaches the limit but instead of smooth stop camera started twitching back and forth along the movement axis. This twitching happens when I keep tilting my gimbal after the motor hit its limit. When I stop and tilt gimbal back everything is fine.

    Can anyone suggest what is the problem here and how to make angle limits work properly?
  • Hello,
    Please, make a video with your problem, upload to Youtube and place link here.
  • There you go.

    The camera that had this problem was already shipped with angle limits turned off, but I was able to repeat the same problem on a testing equipment. It looks messy af, but it does the trick.

    Another thign. It appears that this problem is absent if I have Adaptive PID gains turned off. But once I turn them on the camera starts twitching upon reacing angle limits again.

    On that video twitches can be seen at:
    0:25 - 0:30
    0:35 - and so on
    A pitch twitch at 0:50, 0:55
    You can see how the camera slowly returns to its stabilized position after twitch. If no twithc happened though, it reacts to change a;most instantly.
  • ANother video with a real camera presenting a roll-limits shaking
  • Hello!

    We have released 2.68b0 (b1) that fixes one error releated to the software limits. Please try this version.
    Anyway, software limits may work pretty hard - it is normal, because system applies very sharp signal to move camera away from the limit.