How to change "default" accelerometer calibrations? (that are loaded after resetting ACC)
  • If I reset my ACC calibrations - I get wrong calibration (I see it by looking at calibration bars).
    I can do good 6 point calibration - and it works fine after that... until I travel to a new location - after that - seems like gimbal is trying to use it's default ACC calibrations that are wrong (horizon rolls when I rotate camera).
    Is there way to change default ACC calibration values?

    I have two gimbals - with EC1 I get pretty nice default ACC values and with 6 point calibration almost no problems with horizon... with DS2-A (tilted motor) - I have bad default ACC values and it seems like it affects horizon after changing location even if 6-point calibration is done before.
    The only workaround for me is to do fast ACC calibration every time I change my location, but it is not reliable...