Python Serial Api
  • Hello,
    I am writing with a question regarding establishing serial connection using Python.

    Has anyone got any experience with parsing commands using pySerial and sending them to the board?

    I encountered a problem with sending anything to the board and receiving any message from it.

    Any help would be great!

  • Have you figured it out?
  • Here is an example that rotates a gimbal with a SimpleBGC 32-bit controller that is connected to your (Linux) computer via USB: https://gist.github.com/maiermic/574547db111aa929a607d0c00c4344ef
  • Hi i would like to read gimbal angle using pyserial. do you have any example?
    i have read the Serial API specification but i can't understand how to do it.
  • Hello folks, has anyone of you tried this example that camoflush provided? I'm trying to use it but I'm getting "unpack requires a buffer of 6 bytes" and nothing is moving in my gimbal, so I'm not sue if I'm doing something wrong