Need some help in improving gimbal stability
  • We have setup a quadcopter with a 2 axis gimbal with 30x zoom camera. But when zoomed in, even the slightest movement disturbs the image and it is even worse when the copter is flying. Any suggestions on improving the stability of the gimbal? Will using encoders help? Thanks
  • Oh,you know,we setup a gimbal with 2 axis with 60x zoom.I think understand you.I meet the same difficuity as you.Can you give me some advice in the future?thanks
  • Hello,

    Using encoders will not give a big profit. Installing the 2nd IMU on the frame can help a bit (if not installed already). But the most important are the following:

    1) very soft vibration dampers to isolate vibrations as much as possible
    2) choose motors with minimal cogging effect. Most preferred are motos with O-ring shape magnets.