Strange Serial API command structure
  • Hi everyone.
    I have Foxtech fh301 camera with integrated gimbal controller running SimpleBGC 2.66b2 FW for 32bit. They have spec. function on channel input marked Multi. 3 state rc switch makes IT send different data on uart2, activating external devices.
    Usually, Serial API command looks like:
    >V{12}h{1F}f{00}{1F}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}? (board and fw version request, thou it has same style for both income and outcome messages).
    V command 86
    {12} - datasize 18
    h - checksumm 104
    {1F} board ver 31=3.1 !correct
    f{00} fw 3840
    {1F} rev 31
    {00}{00} 0
    {00} 0
    {00}{00}{00}{00} 0
    {00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00} 0
    ? - checksumm

    But this output has command starting with ~~:
    position 1: ~~D{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}8{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}
    position 2:~~D{00}{00}q{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}8{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}
    position 3:~~D{00}{00}q{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{01}{00}8{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}
    Actually, you can clearly see difference. But I just don't understand, why it have such format? Or is that just Chinese fork of an original FW with mods?
  • Hello,
    I have no information about this product and technology stack used there. It may be that they have extra controller beside SBGC32 that communicate on UART port by theyr own protocol. Or may be they use their own gimbal controller. As far as I know, there are no other modifications of our firmware for 32bit boards being developed by other companies.
  • Thanks for respond. Well, they provide SimpleBGC GUI and via GUI I can detect FW. Controller itself is definitely not SBGC, because they have integrated video controller, that outputs video to HDMI and analog. One board for all.
    But still, it uses SBGC firmware, so I thought serial API should be same.