IMU Yaw Angle Changes Over Time
  • Hello everyone,

    I have what it seems to be a conceptual question, and also a more practical one:

    1. Why does the IMU Yaw angle keeps changing over time? I can see this from the GUI looking at the compass arrow, it is slowly changing only for the yaw, even though my gimbal is fixed in the Home position. It is worth mentioning that this occurs only for the yaw.

    2. I was able to control the angles and speed of the motors using the Serial API over bluetooth serial-connection; however, every time I send the command to move the yaw to position 0, this position is not always the same, it varies over time, I think as a consequence of what I described in question 1. Is there any way to have a fixed reference (a fixed zero) from which I can reference all future yaw angles?

  • I am pretty new to BaseCam controllers but this is the way I see it, you are right in your guess:

    Home position is calculated from encoder data hence it depends only on a motor position.
    When you tell controller to assume zero angles, this command is performed based on your IMU sensor orientation which always accumulates orientation error.