Yaw encoder on BaseCam SimpleBGC 32
  • Hello, I want to install the AS5600 as Yaw-encoder, also having a 2nd IMU.
    I'd like to connect it to the I2C interface.
    Do I simply add it parallel to the IMU's?
    Also: If I later want to add the other axis encoders ...would there be a problem if the other encoders are connected by PWM or analog?

  • I mean, there is no connections provided on the board other than the socket for the IMUs.
    So, I would solder it to the IMU connections, right?
  • Hello.
    Yes, just connect in parallel to the I2C IMU.
    Other types (PWM, Analog) can be mixed (but I do not reccomend to use analog, PWM is better).
    Also you can connect othe models by I2C - AS5048B supported multiple units on a bus.