speed mode gimbal turning over Mavlink?
  • I wish to control the gimbal over mavlink like i do over serial api currently. I havent understood from the documentation that it can be done. You can have virtual channels to change some parameters but what i want to do is to send commands to make the gimbal turn at a fixed speed.

    I currently use SBGC_cmd_control_data where i give direction and speed of the turning. Is it possible to get the same functionality through mavlink? DO_MOUNT_CONTROL turns to a fixed location but i need the turning motion to enable manual but non-joystick control.

    Do i need to set up script? Use virtual channels? Can i only do it via the serial api?
  • Hi,

    You can pass RC signal via Mavlink command RC_CHANNELS_SCALED - it goes to the API_VIRT_CH_1-16. Then you assign these channels to control ROLL, PITCH, YAW in the RC tab, like for the regular RC controller, selecting the SPEED mode and necessary speed.

    As far sa I know, MavLink does not provide a standard way to control gimbal in speed mode.

    Regards, Aleksey.