Audio Spectrum Analyser for Windows
  • I just watched Garug's video 'Tuning BaseCam filters' where he use AudioXplorer (Mac) to find the vibration frequencies then fix them using Notch Filters. I have a Window computer and have found a windows Audio Spectrum Analyser SpecAn_3v97c.exe (techmind.org) via another post but I am having trouble using it the same way as AudioXplorer.
    Can anyone help with that program or another Windows program that I can use to find the vibration frequencies then filter them out using notch filters? I have some vibrations when tilting my gimbal to its extreme positions?
  • I´ve been using an Android app called Spectroid to do just this. It gives you an FFT of the audio captured by the microphone, and can tell you the frequency of the peaks it detects. It works really well