• hello
    is it possible to drive faulhaber brushless motor with encoder same as 3274G024BP4 with 4 poles?
    best regards.this is the link. https://www.faulhaber.com/fileadmin/Import/Media/EN_3242_BX4_DFF.pdf
  • they seem to be 3 phases motor with ground. Maybe it would work if not connecting ground (but I would not test). But why those are not ideal motors for gimbals. they are high speed motors, not that much torque. They are only 4 poles, gimbal motors are usually at least 14 poles.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    I want to test this motor with your electronic card.
    I conceive remote head(2 axes) with faulhaber motors and technosoft electronic.
    so the motor is not in direct drive, but with reduction 10 for the motor and 150 for the ring.
    I feel that your app is very sophisticated.
    best regards
  • Note: on direct driven motor the motor does not realy need to accelerate during normal stablisation as the inertial forces of the camera system do it for it. it just provides the stabilisation.

    On reduction gear system the motor needs to acelerate constantly to do the stabilisation, as it in this case would need to rotate 10 times faster than the camera system does. It will constantly use a lot of power and this acceleration takes time, i.e the stabilisation will not be so great.
  • Thank you very much for your reply.I want test not really for stabilisation but for smooth movement.
    bets regards