YAW vibration on Marcia pro Gimbal
  • Hello,

    I have a Marcia pro handheld Gimbal with encoders on the roll and the pitch axis. yaw has no encoder.
    Hardware is a 32 Bit AlexMos controller, Software is 2.66 b2 (Encoder)

    I can setup the roll and pitch axis perfect. But Yaw has some jitter/vibration.
    It happens when I move the cam out of position then the gimbal starts tiny vibrations.
    The frequency of this vibrations is higher the higher the P value is.
    Whe I go very low with P (1 or 2) the stabilization is very bad.

    When I let the cam go, it moves back to the original position without vibration.
    Is it a normal behavior or can I tweak this out?
    (The other axes (with encoder) dont have this behavoir when moved out of position)

    Any hint would be great.

    Best regards
  • Maybe something mechanically not good, maybe yaw not balanced, maybe basic setup not performed, motors inverted wrong etc. and you need to tune also other parameters than P for good result. ofthen auto tuning provides good results, dry autotuning yaw only.
  • Thanks for the answer.
    Auto tuning of PID gives quite high values of PID but stabilization is good.
    The vibration is than with quite high frequency.
    When I move the yaw axis it feels like it tries to act against and then it stops and tries again.
    The fequency of this is proportional to the P value.
    Any idea?
    Is there a noverflow in the control value??
  • Well, there is the filters also and you must tune also I and D.