Control board wire
  • I've just bought an unfinished custom built gimbal with 2 x iPower 8017-120t fitted and 2 x 5108-120t fitted.
    Coming out of the boxed-in control board are two sets of wires unaccounted for....one for the battery (which I have yet to get) and another 3 wired set that has a small 3 pin socket.....any idea what the three smaller wires are for?
    I'm wondering if they are for setting up the calibration with the computer....just a guess though
    Or is it for a tilt control?
  • I've just investigated it more.....the 3 wires connect to what i think is called a Switching Regulator (or Voltage Regulator)...10amp Peak, Castle, 4.8v-9v out / 6s (25v) max in
    This in turn connects to the switch on the controller
    My assumption now is it related to the battery connection.
    Is it for a 6s lipo connection?
    Would really appreciate some help her please