The serial protocol specification makes me puzzle
  • I am sorry. My English is poor.
    I am a novice. i want to make a gimbal whose axes could be controlled to a specific angle by serial api. After reading the specification, i have a lot of questions.
    The first command CONTROL_MODE in CMD_CONTROL, Modes and Flags are set i 8 bits. Which way is it used? Big-endian or Little-endian?
  • Bits are numbered from 0 to 7, where 0 is LSB (less-significant bit).
    All multi-byte types are little endian - lower byte goes first in a stream.
  • Hello,
    I connect Mavlink Control with gimbal.
    AHRS-OK,GPS-OK,RC-OK,but Control is no.
    Firmware is 2.68.b6.
    what should i do?