• I have a brief query:
    I have the latest version installed and I wanted to put only the Yaw encoder. The system recognized it and it shows on the monitor that it works perfectly. But the yaw does not work with the encoder, that is, it works as if it were not there. It is version 2.66, which can only activate the Yaw. For it to work properly is it necessary to buy the Encoder beta version, or can it work with the standard version?

  • Does anyone know if the standard version works the YAW decoder?
  • Hello!

    The YAW encoder in the regular version of firmware is used to provide a stable follow mode and to correct mutual IMU drift, to synchronize main and frame IMUs. But is does not change the motor control algorithm.

    If you upgrade to encoder version, you have to install all 3 encoders, because it allows to work for motor w/out encoder only for a calibration, but not for a real application of a gimbal.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • the gimbl does not work well if you only have the YAW encoder?
  • It works almost the same as w/out YAW encoder, but several functions works better: folow mode, 2nd IMU in the "Above YAW" position.