mavlink yaw control ardupilot
  • firmware 2.66 b0 beta
    arducopter 3.5.4 quad
    DYS 3 axis gimbal connected via serial pins tx rx earth and mavlink as per Manuel. speed and srx parameters and mnt parms

    All working as expected ie mavlink control and rc control.

    Problem is adjusting yaw control, I can see with mav control yaw always follows frame, but it is not using the tuning values for follow yaw in the bgc gui.

    In mav control when quad yaws ,yaw rate of gimbal is to slow and over shoots centre when copter end yaws. How can this be tuned.

    IF I use serial then all works as per follow yaw tuning, but there is no fusion of copter AHRS to gimbal.

    Some times randomly i have control:no and then gimbal works via rc and not mav and all works well except for roi.

    I cant seem to turn control on and off reliably except by changing the srx parameters.


    How can I tune yaw in mav control mode

    How can I turn control on and control of in a profile.

    ie control on roi works but follow frame yaw too slow and overshoot
    control of no roi rc control works well and follow frame works well as per tuning
    control on how to tune yaw follow frame speed
    Thanks in advance

    Steve Reed.

  • Sorry just realised that when using alexmoss serial protocol all works except now not in follow frame for yaw and I don't think ahrs is being fused.

    Also no frame IMU turned on
  • Just noticed this in manual

    mavlink chapter page 76

    NOTE: To enable the use of the IMU correction and automatic control in the 3-axis gimbals, the encoder must be installed on the YAW axis! If the second IMU sensor is connected, it must be mounted in the position "Above YAW" only!

    does this mean a yaw encoder is mandatory
    a frame imu is mandatory

    will it work without either


  • Hello!
    Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish, if MavLink control is in the ROI mode (that works well) or in the "gimbal control" mode - that works not well, as you noted.

    I see only a solution to make a remote switch in a gimbal to turn ON/OFF MavLink control, but keep the FC connection and use other information from it. Currently there is no way to turn OFF the MavLink control using profiles or other ways. In the next beta release 2.62b2 or b3, we will add such switch using the "adjustable variables" function, so you can link it to a free RC channel.

    Also we will implement MAV_CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONFIGURE with the following modes:
    2 MAV_MOUNT_MODE_MAVLINK_TARGETING Load neutral position and start MAVLink Roll,Pitch,Yaw control with stabilization
    3 MAV_MOUNT_MODE_RC_TARGETING Load neutral position and start RC Roll,Pitch,Yaw control with stabilization

    It seems this command suits as a solution for this problem. But I am not sure is it possible to send it from a ground control station / remote, is it supported in the ArduPilot or not.
  • Thanks for reply,
    There is a thread on ardupilot about support for simpleblg https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/simplebgc-mavlink-control-yaw/16759.

    Randy wants to improve support could be worth getting together.

    Planning to add a yaw encoder has your AS5048A got pci and pwm, which is the best option with standard board and firmware where rc serial is used for mavlink.

    If you need me to do any testing of mavlink switch please get in touch

  • Hi
    The mavlink control mode is working, but I only get control ok after rebooting arducopter,

    ver 2.66 b2
    using adj variable on channel 16 which is working as expected Thanks.
    API_VIRT_CH_16(-518.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(0.0)
    API_VIRT_CH_16(-6.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(1.0)
    API_VIRT_CH_16(506.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(2.0)

    If I turn on arducopter wait for all checks so it will arm, then turn on gimbal
    get ahrs ok gps ok rc ok control no
    software reboot of apm(don't cycle power) now control ok.

    I have tried all combinations of start order.

    in control all axis using point camera to here from gcs it works.(control ok)
    the circular yaw indicator in bgc gui matches ardu copter compass heading when cam pointing ahead

    in disabled with follow yaw gimbal yaw direction is unstable.
    the circular yaw indicator in bgc gui I think when pointing north is in the centre, but pointer and gimbal move, sometimes it stops moving and I have yaw control from radio.

    I can control all three axis from radio.

    I do not have a yaw encoder; is a yaw encoder mandatory. tarot 3 axis gimbal for gopro size

    when mavlink is connected and disabled I am unable to centre yaw by hand, is goes back to previos position before move by hand.

    If I disable mavlink ie remove connections, I can centre yaw with hand and gimbal works
    well with follow mode and rc control.

    Thanks in advance