RC Input Configuration with PWM
  • Hi guys,
    I want to use pwm command instead of joystick for

    angle and speed control of motor. at the RC

    setting and Input configuration, I set YAW as

    RC_YAW_PWM. I set Min.agle at -45 and Max.angl at

    +45. I apply 400Hz PWM to the RC_Y pin on the

    board. In angle mode when I change duty cycle from

    20% to 99% , angle change from -90 to 90 degree,

    and in speed mode when I change duty cycle from 20

    to 59%, speed decrease from max to min as

    clockwise and at duty cycle of 61 to 99% ,speed

    increase from min to max as anticlockwise.
    Can you tell me what is the appropriate PWM

    frequency and duty cycle for control of motor?